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Help... How things work in OLC?

1. List of "How to ..." instructions for important OLC Features

  The OLC login   The Scoring-Filter
Login Meanwhile it has got around, that You get many advantages, if You log in MyOLC. One of the main advantages: The prepared claiming form.
How You can log in MyOLC, respectively how You can set Your own LOGIN name, is explained in detail under the following link.
The Scoring-Filter The scoring filter in OLC 2.0 enables clubs totally new possibilities for creating individual scorecards. For example, it is now possible to create a club championship with three mouse clicks based on the OLC-Champion score card. To create a regional scorecard with neighbouring clubs is also unproblematic.
Detail under the following link
  The direct claim for the OLC   Flight claim with OLC-PDA
The direct claim for the OLC More than 90% of all claims are meanwhile done with our direct claim method. This easiest and safest way of claiming flights has gained acceptance by all competitors and asserted itself impressively.
Of course, we shall improve this procedure even more, step by step.
Details under the following link.
OLC PDA With OLC PDA, we offer a flight claiming method which is not only designed for the use with a PDA mobile telephone, but also for reducing the time required for the claiming procedure when using a normal PC with a slow internet connection.
Details under the following link.
  Der "Trusted Competitor"    
Trusted Competitor The "Trusted Competitor" was introduced in order to make life easier for club administrators. The classic flight claiming process required the knowledge of at least the birth date of the respective pilot. Flight administration furthermore required to have the pilot's password at hand. This laborious process has now been simplified dramatically.
Details under the following link.


2. FAQ - (Frequently Asked Questions)

3. OLC service request

required data, please fill in completely.
reason for flight request*
first name*
last name*
birthday*  DD.MM.YYYY
Type of glider*
Manufacturer/Class (PHG)

Note: Any change of flight score must happen before dead line has passed.

There are some different reasons, please read FAQ 6

Please mind the text in the comment of the concerned flight info.

The IGC file is invalid, please read the answer of FAQ Question 2, we cannot provide any additional support.

League scorings require an IGC approved logger file. (Mind the deadline 10:00 hrs. lcl, next day) flight claims or exchanging flight files beyond this deadline lead to a loss of league scoring

Note: Any change of flight score must happen before dead line has passed.

IGC-File 1 *

1. Delete the concerned flight
2. Claim your flight again with new IGC file
ATTENTION: Flights can only be rescored within dead line.
Flights which are exchanged after league dead line (next day 10:00 local time) disappear from league scoring!

Competitor accounts cannot be deleted (see rules6.1 and 6.2). Flights can only be deleted within dead line and by the competitor. Deletion after dead line is not possible (see rules 6.1 and 6.2).

Begin/End of flight without propulsion was not detected automatically, the correction can be changed manually within the reporting period (48 hrs after landing)

Note: Any change of flight score must happen before dead line has passed.

Wrong glider types may be changed during reporting period. After deadline, OLC Service can change the type on request, however only if that does not lead to a better result!

Your club must be set in your personal data before the flight claim. Belated changes are not possible.

maximum flight distance* km

Note: Any change of flight score must happen before dead line has passed.

first name*
last name*
new club to add*
Home Airfield*
coordinates*   [format: N493027 E0112651]
Type of glider*

Note: Your ID is displayed on top of Your contest registration form and contained in the URL of Your flight book

ID to delete*
ID to remain*
new name*

Please use the DMSt complaint form.


Please ask somebody else with more experience (a competitor with smiley may be able to help you)

directclaim Service
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