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Data Protection Declaration for the Website onlinecontest.org


The following data protection declaration informs you of the collection, processing, and use of personal data on and through the website onlinecontest.org (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”). The responsible body and data controller as referred to by § 33 of the German Federal Data Protection Act (hereinafter referred to as “BDSG”) for the collection, processing, and use of personal data is Segelflugszene gGmbH, Hohensteinstraße 12, 91217 Hersbruck, Germany, and the said data controller also operates the Website as telemedia service (you will find further information on this legal entity in the imprint). Capitalised terms defined in the Terms of Use of the Website shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the Terms of Use.

What is “Personal Data”?

Personal data, or personally identifiable information, means any individual element of information concerning the personal or material circumstances of an identified or identifiable individual (referred to as the “Data Subject”) (§ 3 para. 1 BDSG).

What are the types of personal data collected, processed and used by the Website?

The personal data collected, processed and used by the Website are subdivided into three categories:

  1. Personal data which you as the User enter yourself. This includes especially data which you enter when creating and maintaining your User account. This data will hereinafter be referred to as “User Data”. This includes also data pursuant to sentence 1 which is submitted by third parties on your behalf. Such third parties may submit your personal data only insofar as you have consented to the third parties.
  2. Flight tracking data and data from lists of results which you submit to the website yourself (this data will hereinafter be collectively referred to as the “Submitted Flights”). This includes also data pursuant to sentence 1 which third parties submit on your behalf and with your consent as “Trusted Competitors” or on your behalf without registration. Such third parties may submit your personal data only insofar as you have consented to such third parties by appointing them as Trusted Competitors or otherwise.
  3. Personal data which is collected, processed, and used automatically while you use the Website. This includes especially your IP address (see the explanation below), usage tracking, click sequences and clickstreams on the Website, search data, information on the time when you or third parties submitted data or modified existing data, and information generated automatically by the Website through analysis of the flights submitted.

What is the Purpose the defined Categories of Personal Data are used for?

The User Data is used to protect access to the Website, to establish contact and to communicate with you, and to correlate the results submitted by you to you. Your name and those data elements from your user account that appear in the participant list, as well as all data that appears in a flight information, are publicly accessible.
All flights submitted, whose data you upload, will be, in accordance with the participation regulations, automatically processed into rankings, map material depicting your flight path, and comparative data with other users, as well as such data whose creation you consent to when consenting to the participation regulations. The flight histories and the result data generated will be displayed on the Website, either publicly or in areas secured by access control. Through such display, they will be transmitted to other Users of the Website as well as to the general public. Please note that this data can be access from the Internet, including from countries that do not secure a level of data protection comparable to that established in Germany.
Your personal data which is not publicly displayed on the Website, will be made available only to employees and vicarious agents of the data controller, and will not be made available to other external third parties including the sponsor partners; this shall apply especially, but not be limited to, your e-mail address and other contact details and any bank account details.
The usage tracking data is used to improve the user experience for the Website and the associated telemedia services as well as for access control and for the analysis of the Website usage. The analysis of the Website usage includes the detection and prevention of misuse; in order to detect whether a User or another connecting party attempts to improperly retrieve data, or whether the Reasonable Use threshold is exceeded, the User name as well as the IP address is used and tracked when downloading files made available. Files downloaded by a User other than the User account the files are associated with are marked by an identifier that identifies the origin of the files but cannot be used to identify the downloading User. Based on your results, you may, using your personal data, be invited to events and conferences.

How is the IP Address collected, used and stored?

For the duration of your individual session, your IP address is stored in its entirety in all cases; the storage and use for this period of time is required in order for the web server to maintain communications with your browser. If our security system detects an attack upon the Website or an improper use thereof, then the IP address will be stored in its entirety in the technical records maintained by the web server; in this case, it is used to investigate the matter. Where the aforementioned special circumstances are found not to exist, or where, in case of an attack or improper use the investigation is complete, or where the time elapsed since the use exceeds one week, the IP address will be shortened by the last byte (e.g. xxx.yyy.zzz.---); it can then no longer be used to identify the account holder of the corresponding internet access connection.

The Use of Cookies by the Website

“Cookies” are small text files which your browser stores on your computer when our web server instructs the browser to that effect and your browser’s settings permit the use of cookies. Your browser will transmit the content of the cookie stored on your computer by our web server back to the Website upon our web server’s request when you next visit the Website. The cookies do not contain personal data; they contain data on the views you have set and defined and relieve you of the necessity to set the same views again the next time you visit. You may decide to deactivate the use of cookies in your browser. You will find information on the necessary steps to do so in the help system of your browser.

How can you be advised of the Personal Data stored at the Website, and how can you have Personal Data rectified?

Using the User administration interface of the Website, you can view personal data which you have registered and submitted yourself at any time; this includes especially the data of your User account and your flight data. Your may also modify your User data; however, this excludes your name and your birth date. You may modify data on flights you have submitted only until the registration window for the flights closes; thereafter, you can no longer change the flight data. You may ask an administrator to change for you such User data that you cannot modify yourself.
You may enquire on the personal data stored for you here and their use at any time (§ 34 BDSG). To file such an enquiry, please contact mail@onlinecontest.org.
In case you cannot rectify incorrect personal data yourself, you can have such data rectified by contacting the e-mail address identified above.

How long will Personal Data be stored, and when will it be deleted?

Personal data contained in your User account will be stored for as long as your User account exists and you do not modify or delete the User account; after deletion of the User account, the data will be deleted, except for such data that is required to ensure results published earlier will remain unchanged.
Data on flights submitted and the analyses created therefrom, including, but not limited to, evaluations, statistics, and map readouts, will be stored permanently in compliance with the rules of participation.


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