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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Reporting bugs
  2. My flight is marked with a red V and gets 0 points, what can I do?
  3. My flight is marked with a red C and is not scored at all.
  4. Begin and end of flight without propulsion is not correct, what can I do?
  5. My flight gets no FAI triangle score or just a very small one, what´s the reason?
  6. My flight is greyed out and gets 0 points!
  7. My flight was accepted but does not show up in the list!
  8. My flight is not scored in the BHC or does not get the FAI bonus points!
  9. Delete account and/or flight



1. Reporting bugs

The OLC program is running on a platform with newest standards. Despite of that, it most probably contains some bugs, which are inevitable in program of that size. The OLC team is constantly looking for and eliminating those malfunctions. If you assume to have discovered a bug, just let us know via the help form. Thank You in advance, for helping us to improve our program.

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2. My flight is marked with a red V and gets 0 points, what can I do?

The OLC program validates IGC files by means of validation software (DLL) delivered by the manufacturer of your logger to ensure, that the contents of an IGC file has not been manipulated after download from your logger. Thereby it does not matter, what the content is, it is usually a number of lines logging a flight. To enable the validation, the file must contain a signature, named g-record as the line containing the signature starts with a g, placed at the very end of the file text. If the g-record is missing the validation will be negative and the flight cannot be scored.

Some more reasons for a red V:

a)     The contents have been changed after download (Solution: Download the original file and upload the unchanged file, within dead line)

b)     Something went wrong during download from your logger (Solution: Download again, using manufacturers recommended software)

c)     Any unknown reason: There is no useful solution available. Therefore it does not make any sense to ask the OLC Helpline for support. The validation program delivers a result, not any reason. Perhaps the manufacturer can tell You, what´s wrong with your file, the OLC definitely can not!

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3. My flight is marked with a red S and is not scored at all.

Most likely you claimed a flight with a motor glider, using a logger with deactivated ENL (Engine Noise Level). Hence the server cannot discover any engine runs and consequently does not deliver any result, showing a rec S in the flight info.

Solution: Read the handbook of your logger and find out how to activate the ENL, if there is no entry in the handbook, the manufacturer may be able to give you advice.

Note: There is no possibility to override the red S manually, even not with full administration rights.

Another reason for a red S may be an overload of the OLC server. Solution: rescore the flight after a while, when the server load is assumed to be lower. If nothing helps, just send a mail to OLC-Help!

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4. Begin and end of flight without propulsion is not correct, what can I do?

Sometimes the OLC program does not find the correct begin and/or end of flight without propulsion. You may correct these times manually during claim process and even within dead line! If dead line is over, ask OLC Help for an adjustment within a reasonable time.

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5. My flight gets no FAI triangle score or just a very small one, what´s the reason?

The OLC-Plus only finds and scores an FAI triangle, when the flight trace is closed. A flight trace is considered to be closed, when the start point and the finish point of a flight without propulsion are located within 1.000m horizontally AND vertically. The program looks for a triangle inside the trace between these two points.

Sometimes the triangle score is missing, because the OLC program did not automatically find the correct begin and/or end of flight without propulsion. Solution: See Question 4!

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6. My flight is greyed out?

Three possible reasons: Either your flight is found invalid (Question 2) or the flight scores less than 50 points, see OLC rules 4.4

if your flight is partly greyed out, Question 4 applies.

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7. My flight was accepted but does not show up in the list.

This problem just occurs sometimes, when your logger was not used for a longer time or the internal battery was exchanged. The date of flight may then be falsely set to an earlier time like: 020993, a date where the OLC did not even exist. So the flight is accepted but the flight list of 1993 does not exist of course and so the flight cannot be found on one hand, but not reclaimed on the other hand, because nevertheless it is stored in the data base. Solution: Contact your logger dealer or manufacturer to replace the internal battery and set the correct date again. The OLC cannot change the date of flight and so these flights cannot be scored.

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8. My flight is not scored in the BHC or does not get the FAI bonus points

Remember first of all: The start and finish point for BHC flights is a defined position with a circle of 500m radius, very often the flight looks good (turning points all done) but you missed the start or finish point of the flight. Check your logger, if these points are defined correctly!

To get the FAI bonus of 30% for BHC FAI triangle flights, the shortest leg must be at least 28% of the overall length of the declared flight path. Only flights of 750 km or more may have a shortest leg of 25% whereby the longest leg may not be longer than 45%.

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9. Delete account and/or flight

Competitor accounts cannot be deleted (see rules6.1 and 6.2). Flights can only be deleted within dead line and by the competitor. Deletion after dead line is not possible (see rules 6.1 and 6.2).

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