Type of glider: Discus 2a,

Takeoff location: California City (US / 12)


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Flight details

Points for the flight 908.11
scoring distance 966.07 km
Speed 114.56 km/h
Duration 08:25:58
Scoring class standard
Scoring start 17:47:18
Scoring end 02:33:48
Index: 106.38
Club Caracole Soaring
Date of claim 15.08.2008 19:21:43
state IGC-File: Flight:

Flight path

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Thanks to Russ Berry, Russ Owens and Thorsten for motivating me to do this flight.

I towed to Cache Peak (14WNW California City) for a prompt climb to 10,600 topping at 10:54am followed by the start at Chuckwalla Mtn (9.5NW California City) at 8000msl at 1102am. After some small climbs and porpoising along the Sierra (4-6kts) my first good climb was 138 miles out on the north edge of Coyote Flat (16068 – 7.2avg climb). Two climbs before TP1 one to 14138 and the second just south of Mono Lake to 16648. Good clouds at TP1 (5NNW Mount Patterson) maxed me out to 17,026 before turning east.

The second leg was a mixed bag and really not very good. Skies were mostly blue except of few short cu puffs. Topped out in the blue at 17,967 9ESE of Mina. Two low points going in to TP2 were 8600 7WNW of Tonopah and 8000msl 5SE of Tonopah coming out. Saved by a 5.2kt avg thermal to 15000msl at 1635pm.

On the last leg I finally reached a good cu 6W of the town of Lida taking me to 17600 at 1733pm. That got me back onto the Inyo Mtns abeam Tinemaha Reservoir to a magnificent cloud street streching south toward China Lake. Topped in a good core under the cloud 7NE Lone Pine at 1818pm then glided to the last cu of the day. That cloud in the Sierras abeam the south end of Haiwee Reservoir topped to 14000 at 1848pm. The 59miles glide brought me home to a finish at 1928pm.

The key to the weather this day was a 500mb high from Washington State to Southern Nevada. This brought a wind circulation which favored light NE-SE flow in the task area. It swept in a steep lapse rate into the Owens Valley and over my start point helping to make for an early thermal trigger. A strong capping inversion prevented over development. Lift was not that strong, but the day lasted to 45 minutes before sunset.


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