Integration of FES sailplanes into OLC operations

This was not so easy because of the low noise level of the electric motors. Proving engine operation using the built-in logger microphones is not sufficient and requires an additional electrical measurement using a separate sensor. Especially important is that the electrical and the acoustic signals stored in the logger must both be readable by the OLC server.
The only OLC approved sensor for this procedure is the MOP2 sensor from LXNAV.
This means then that flight registrations from a FES sailplane are checked by the OLC server to see whether the MOP2 sensor has worked correctly.
The MOP2 sensor from LXNAV
The following FES types have been included in the OLC system:
> miniLAK-FES
> Ventus-2cxa 15m FES
> Ventus-2cxa 18m FES
> Ventus-3 F 15m
> Ventus-3 F 18m
> Discus-2c 15m FES
> Discus-2c 18m FES
> JS 3 FES
> JS 3 FES 18m
> LAK-17B FES 15m
> LAK-17B FES 18m
> LAK-17B FES 21m
> HPH 304 ES Shark
> LS8-e 18m
The evaluation itself follows the normal OLC rules.
Consequently, FES aircraft are integrated into the OLC system on an equal basis.

NEW: OLC Stories – now your flights will become adventures for everyone!

In the past few months the makers of OLC have undertaken a mammoth, trend-setting project. Now it’s finally ready – we present you with: The OLC-stories! Gone are the times when you had to make do with the proven but not so exciting Flight Info section. Now OLC-Stories brings your flights to life with photos, videos and extensive commentary! A central element of the Story is the timeline beside the flight chart which moves along when you cross the track with a mouse. Its key feature: the elements of your story will be automatically inserted into the matching part of the track and timeline by means of GPS coordinates and associated metadata. This makes your flights an adventure for everyone!
As a first step, we are starting OLC-Stories with photos and photo commentary. But that’s not all – the next steps will provide additional functions such as videos and a “like” feature. Stay tuned – we have a lot more in store!
What do you have to do? Nothing more than to activate the “location” (GPS coordinates and time) function on your smartphone or digital camera and upload your photos after the flight. The OLC server will then assign the photos after they have been uploaded to the appropriate flight. Subsequently you can add commentaries to your Story. It can’t be any simpler!
A small camera symbol in the flight ranking lists or personal logs will show whether a story has been added to your flight.
Create your first OLC-Story
As of now you will find the category “My Stories” in the user menu. Here you can choose your photos and simply upload them with the drag and drop method. The photos must have a minimum size of 300x300 px and not be larger than 36 megapixels. Then the server will assign the photos to your flight – as long as you are U25 pilots or are “smiley” users. Subsequently you can work on your Story and add commentaries to your photos (see “Screenshots”). At this time a maximum of 10 photos can be added. Naturally, photos which were taken before or after the flight can also be uploaded. These features can not only be used for future flights but an OLC-Stories can also be added to past flights.
What makes these OLC innovations possible?
The OLC-Stories project requires very significant additional server resources. The necessary means are funded – as also for other OLC projects – by donations from those OLC users whose names are indicated by a smiley (a yearly donation of 12 Euros!) as well as contributions from many sponsors who recognize the importance of OLC to the world of soaring. All information to the “Smiley” can be found here.
Thank you very much for your assistance – you’re the motor which drives the OLC forwards!

Please take a look at a small sample in the form of the very first OLC-Story by Uwe Melzer (DE, SFG Giulini) and then soon bring your flights to life with your own Story!

Eric Scharfenort (CvD OLC-Magazin)
Translation: Uli Werneburg (MZ Supplies, CA)
As of now the category “My Stories” is in the user menu.
Select photos or simply drag them into the upload area. The server will automatically assign the photos to the matching flight.
Open the flight and add photos with commentaries. Done!


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