Type of glider: ASW 27,

Takeoff location: California City (US / 12)


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Flight details

Points for the flight 154.96
scoring distance 425.17 km
Speed 170.07 km/h
Duration 02:30:00
Scoring class 15m
Scoring start 19:31:40
Scoring end 02:03:28
Index: 113.0
Club Southern Sierra
Date of claim 30.06.2013 17:03:07
state IGC-File: Flight:

Flight path

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Just planned for a fun first day of the soaring season for me. Got lucky with a great soaring day. I took a high tow above the relatively stable air to start my flight from Boomer ridge at the south end of the Sierras. Exceptional soaring conditions all the way up the Sierras. OD weather conditions existed up the middle of the valley from Glass Mountain to north of Mt. Paterson so I stayed west and turned east near the Pinenut Mountians close to Minden, NV. I headed east into the desert staying north of the OD until turning Southwest to Boundry Peak. Conditions remained exceptional, easily reaching 17,500 at will. I met up with 5Z at Boundry Peak with the intent to fly back with him, but I decided that the weather conditions west of Glass Mountain going north back to Minden looked better than going south down the Whites and Inyos. I ended up drilling a hole in the air near Mono Lake and struggled for some time there while I waited for the weather conditions to clear and improve near Mt. Paterson. After dumping my water I got back up and limped my way back to cloud base and followed relatively good energy all the way back up to Minden arriving at 15K over Lake Tahoe. All in all, a great Soaring day. Many thanks to Marty at CalCity for the long tow. I plan to fly back Sunday.


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