Copilot: Dennis Tito (US),
Type of glider: DG 1001M,

Takeoff location: Rosamond Skypark (US / 12)


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Flight details

Points for the flight 1583.53
Points for the flight 1,428.05
scoring distance 1,570.8
Speed 159.4 km/h
Duration 09:51:19
Points for the flight 155.48
scoring distance 570.1 km
Speed 66.7 km/h
Duration 08:32:35
Scoring class double
Scoring start 14:00:36
Scoring end 01:16:41
Index: 110.0
Club Perlan Project
Date of claim 23.04.2014 03:17:00
state IGC-File: Flight:

Flight path

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Another amazing day in the Sierra!
March was a fabulous month for Sierra Wave. Until today, April has been a bust …
The forecast said that the Sierra would have a cold front pass with SWerly winds in the morning, a strong jet core midday, and NWerly winds in the afternoon. The northern extent of wave would be about Bishop.
Based on the forecast, we decided to try a 500 km triangle. It was ugly due to clouds, sink as much as 30 knots, and winds up to 96 knots but we “got ‘er done,” claiming a US Multiplace Motorglider records for speed around 500 and 300 km triangles.
We launched at 0617 PDT and headed to Cache Creek which did not work so we went to Kelso where we found weak wave. After a low and slow start, we headed north. At Cindercone we got to the first wave clouds, an excellent line of rotor cu that marked the wave to Bishop. At the first turn we had to fly over, around, and under clouds which forced us to get lower than desired. This meant we got down in the rather exuberant rotor south of Bishop. Once up it was a good run south. Due to the strong winds aloft the run to the downwind turnpoint and back was played very conservatively. We finished the triangle high due to clouds.
During the next trip north, it was mostly blue and the winds were not as SWerly.
During the last trip north the winds were lighter and westerly.
At the end of the day we headed southeast hoping to get to the Warner Wave but the wave at Palm Springs was not working so we landed at Palm Springs International.
We had a Sage 2 clearance in R-2508 to FL290 and a late afternoon overfly of R-1515.
Thank you, Cindy for arranging the Sage 2, Joshua Approach for the outstanding ATC service, Atlantic Aviation for allowing us to de-rig in their hangar, and Stewart and Jackie for crewing.
Think Big Wave!


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