Flugzeugtyp: Ventus 2c/18m,

Startplatz:Air Sailing (US / 11)


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Punkte des Fluges 336.42
Punkte des Fluges 297,93
Wertungsdistanz 351,6
Speed 95,0 km/h
Wertungsdauer 03:42:05
Punkte des Fluges 38,49
Wertungsdistanz 151,4 km
Speed 46,0 km/h
Wertungsdauer 03:17:37
Wertungsklasse 18m
Wertungsanfang 20:40:48
Wertungsende 00:23:12
Index: 118,0
Club Air Sailing Nevada
Tag der Meldung 03.09.2017 04:05:00
Status IGC-Datei: Flug:


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TopMeteo - Wetterkarten

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Challenging day but with some pretty good climbs here and there. Almost entirely blue (or rather brown with all the smoke) although some haze domes were visible. Some of the worst sustained sink I've seen at times. Thermals were mostly choppy and tended to be multicored. I ended up getting a really late start as I was the sucker who got in line last to launch. Got off fairly low and the first 3 thermals were marginal. I than managed to get a good climb off the south end of the Dogskins to 10k and I was off to the races. Heading SE towards Pond Peak wasn't bad, I was following haze domes and that paid off as some good way above theoretical best glide dolphining. I found a strong climb right before crossing I-80 which was a good thing as crossing I-80 had nothing but god awful sink the whole way. I was initially hoping to make Hawthorne, so headed kind of towards Silver Springs, but it just wasn't working there so I changed my mind and headed towards the N end of the Pinenuts. Initially that didn't work either and I started turning around when I finally hit a good climb. The rest of the Pinenuts really didn't deliver much. I didn't find another climb until S of Rosachi. By that point, just a bit S looked like a really good cu field starting about at Desert Creek. I headed that way to turn Sweetwater. That worked out well as I hit a 7 knot boomer that took me damn near into the flight levels just E of Sweetwater. After that climb I turned Sweetwater and was hoping for just one long final glide considering I was damn near into the stratosphere at 17,500'. It was a bit of a shame to turn around as the cus just looked fantastic down towards Mammoth Lakes, but it was already 16:30 and I wasn't sure about the conditions coming back. On the glide back towards Air Sailing I did hit a ton of sink again and what was expected to be a comfortable final glide got just a bit sketchy the last 20 miles or so, but with turning down the McCready setting a bit I made it back into the pattern with a few hundred feet to spare.


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