Flugzeugtyp: Ventus 2c/18m,

Startplatz:Air Sailing (US / 11)


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Punkte des Fluges 487.18
Punkte des Fluges 413,99
Wertungsdistanz 488,5
Speed 119,1 km/h
Wertungsdauer 04:06:06
Punkte des Fluges 73,19
Wertungsdistanz 287,9 km
Speed 68,7 km/h
Wertungsdauer 04:11:18
Wertungsklasse 18m
Wertungsanfang 19:27:09
Wertungsende 23:43:41
Index: 118,0
Club Air Sailing Nevada
Tag der Meldung 04.09.2017 04:06:25
Status IGC-Datei: Flug:


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TopMeteo - Wetterkarten

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Interesting and varied day. Some places had spectacular thermals damn near to class A. Some areas had lots of virga and OD. Some large blue holes where the air was absolutely still. First half hour or so was pretty weak, but by 13:00 it really turned on and I crossed I-80 going S with plenty of height. I was considering going over the Pinenuts which looked really good, but it was already blowing up and it wasn't even 14:00 so it was only gonna get worse. Decided instead to go SE towards Hawthorne. I got a great climb to 17k just north of the Dayton Valley which turned out very useful because Yerrington was a giant 20-30 mile stretch of completely still air until the western slopes of the Wassuk Range. There I connected with some great clouds and lift, but the blow up that I earlier avoided over the Pinenuts had blown up so badly that it was spreading a huge overcast further E to where I was. I turned Hilton Ranch which was under total shadow (along with as far S as I can see). Coming back again, Yerrington was dead blue air, but I got a real high climb leaving Hilton Ranch so it wasn't a problem. I hit mediocre lift again around the north part of the Dayton Valley, but nothing worth turning in. I hit a great climb just NW of the Tracy Power Plant and than followed an unbelievably good line W over the N part of Reno. The clouds were so good, at times I was doing 140 KTAS to avoid getting sucked into class A and that even wasn't doing the trick, so had to move out from under them so I wouldn't face the dilemma of going into class A or going over Vne. By that point, there was plenty of OD and virga W of the Sierra Valley. I was hoping to make Quincy/Gansner but as I got closer it was very sinky, very dark and had a wall of virga in my way, so turned around about 15 miles shy. With the remaining altitude, I headed NE and turned Herlong, getting some pretty good rain on me on the way and an easy glide back to Air Sailing with plenty of time to tie the bird down before the BBQ started.


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