Flugzeugtyp: Ventus 2c/18m,

Startplatz:Air Sailing (US / 11)


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Punkte des Fluges 419.7
Punkte des Fluges 386,81
Wertungsdistanz 456,4
Speed 108,0 km/h
Wertungsdauer 04:13:33
Punkte des Fluges 32,89
Wertungsdistanz 129,3 km
Speed 32,9 km/h
Wertungsdauer 03:55:54
Wertungsklasse 18m
Wertungsanfang 20:11:45
Wertungsende 00:25:18
Index: 118,0
Club Air Sailing Nevada
Tag der Meldung 05.09.2017 05:18:27
Status IGC-Datei: Flug:


Bitte warten, wird geladen ...
Bitte warten, wird geladen ...


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Bitte warten, wird geladen ...


Bitte warten, wird geladen ...
Bitte warten, wird geladen ...


Another varied day. It looked like crap in the morning, heavy smoke and visibility under 10 miles. Around 13:00 some sparse cus started popping, the smoke was clearing and the visibility improved quite a bit so it was time to launch. First half hour wasn't great, hit the first decent climb just a bit north of I-80. Getting past Silver Springs I saw a great street heading towards Hawthorne and I started getting delusions of grandeur with ambitious dreams of going to Tonopah which didn't even come close to reality. The street didn't produce nearly as well as I'd hope and it ended by the Wassuk Range. Again blow up from around Minden was starting to spread high overcast from the West just like yesterday. I also started noticing that I wasn't progressing nearly as fast as I wanted as the winds had really picked up. As I got close to Walker Lake, the computer was saying winds were well over 20 knots from the SE and you could quite easily see cloud shadows moving north remarkably fast. To make matters worse Hawthorne was in a gigantic blue hole. I definitely had the altitude to make Hawthorne, probably even Mina, but both were in the sinky blue and my chances of making it back if I went for it looked kinda marginal so I wussed out and turned around. Coming back, the tailwind made for a fast glide at over 100 knots over the ground, even if somewhat sinky and not as flat as I'd hoped. I reconnected with clouds around Silver Springs, but there was plenty of virga in the area. I rode the outskirts of the virga producing clouds that were working pretty well. As I got closer to Air Sailing, it was looking very nasty with large rain shafts just a bit S and at a certain point I hit a minute or 2 of unshakable 7 knots down. Fortunately I had tons of excess altitude so it wasn't a problem and decided to make a run to Herlong and back for more distance and to wait out the virga to pass. I left Herlong back for Air Sailing way way way high to compensate for a strong headwind and just in case I hit massive sink since the entire sky was dark by this point. I arrived back at Air Sailing with 1000s of feet of altitude left so made a quick run 10 miles S and back to kill the last of the altitude. All the nastiness had past Air Sailing by that point and I landed in clam, smooth air. I was later told that earlier Air Sailing got hit with a quite strong gust front/dust storm so waiting it out was apparently a good decision.


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