Flugzeugtyp: Ventus 2c/18m,

Startplatz:Air Sailing (US / 11)


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Punkte des Fluges 85.64
Wertungsdistanz 106.47 km
Speed 44.25 km/h
Wertungsdauer 02:24:21
Wertungsklasse 18m
Wertungsanfang 20:20:18
Wertungsende 22:56:42
Index: 139,24
Pilotenfaktor 1,4 (<700km)
Club Air Sailing Nevada
Tag der Meldung 31.12.2017 06:53:30
Status IGC-Datei: Flug:


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Challenging wave day with interesting conditions that resulted in a landout. Got started with a tow to 6,200' to the west face of the Dogskins. Although it was plenty windy, the winds were a very cross WNW instead of the SW winds ideal to ridge soar the Dogskins. With these condition I was barely staying up around 6,500' or so flying with my thermal flaps down just above minimum sink. After an hour or so I found a spot that allowed me to climb a few hundred more feet which let me punch through a wind shear layer where the winds were more directly westerly and considerably stronger which resulted in much better ridge lift. That allowed me to quickly climb to almost 8,000'. From there I decided to jump downwind to Tule Peak where I found wave in the valley right between Tule and the Dogskins. Some of the wave was quite strong at almost 10 knots up and I decided to start speeding up and penetrating NW towards Susanville. Shortly after I lost the wave but made the mistake of keeping on going in hopes of reacquiring it elsewhere with only about 12,000' of altitude. The rest of the flight was me gradually losing altitude trying to find the wave again both upwind and downwind with no luck. By the time I was down to 7,000' the winds were almost calm with marginal thermals. It was clear though that the thermals were too low and weak to thermal home or even to get high enough to reacquire the wave so I decided to accept the inevitable and landout at Herlong and ask for a retrieve as early as possible. On short final I noticed a slight berm right on the north edge of runway 24 at Herlong, so had to make a last minute adjustment and land a few feet south of centerline. Although everything turned out ok, it was a bit of a tricky runway for an 18 meter ship and I wouldn't recommend it for anything longer than a 15 meter. Chukar was kind enough to trailer retrieve me and showed up shortly before 17:00. For extra fun I damn near hit a deer on the drive back, but this deer was actually smart enough to not stay frozen like a deer in headlights when I honked the horn :-)


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