Copilot: Morgan Sandercock (AU),
Type of glider: Arcus J,

Takeoff location:Inyokern (US / 12)


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Flight details

Points for the flight 391.09
scoring distance 657.81 km
Speed 171.08 km/h
Duration 03:50:42
Scoring class double
Scoring start 22:30:05
Scoring end 02:27:56
Index: 134.56
Pilot factor 1.0 (>1000km)
Club Perlan Project
Date of claim 16.03.2018 02:51:26
state IGC-File: Flight:

Flight path

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A complicated wave day was made clear by Skysight. The wind direction was a little unusual and there was great discrepancy between the forecast models up to only 2 days before.

Planning proceeded up to the night before looking at all the options until we narrowed it down to just a short opportunity for a "league" speed flight ending right at last light. We knew before we took off exactly what time to start the speed run to get back on the ground by last light.

We took an aerotow in order to keep full fuel on board as ballast. The lift near home base was only a small patch but very strong and very high. That enabled us to connect with the area of lift we wanted to use for a speed effort. Some effort from my copilot, Morgan, got us up from the rotor area into good lift with mere minutes before our last possible start time.

With a Sage 2 clearance from Joshua Approach and a clearance from them to go a short distance into the Oakland airspace, we tried unsuccessfully to stay above the rotor. Some of the most violent rotor we have ever encountered was at 16k-18k feet near Bishop, accompanied by clouds at that level. The tape on the wing roots was shredded by the G forces.

Ground speed on our second southward leg sometimes exceeded 400kph due to the tailwind component on that leg. Just as well, as we only had a short time to finish and land. We switched the nav lights on just as the sun set.
Landing at Inyokern was a little short as the wind on the ground had sprung up while we were flying. There was 25 knots on the airspeed indicator standing still on the ground.

Thanks to Tim for the tow, Sandra and Stewart for crewing and Morgan for pulling a great flight out of the rotor thermals.


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