Type of glider: Ventus 2c/18m,

Takeoff location:Air Sailing (US / 11)


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Flight details

Points for the flight 276.15
Points for the flight 258.72
scoring distance 305.3
Speed 84.5 km/h
Duration 03:36:41
Points for the flight 17.43
scoring distance 68.5 km
Speed 58.1 km/h
Duration 01:10:50
Scoring class 18m
Scoring start 20:49:58
Scoring end 00:26:41
Index: 118.0
Club Air Sailing Nevada
Date of claim 23.04.2018 05:16:31
state IGC-File: Flight:

Flight path

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Interesting day that ranged from survival mode to coring boomers. Took a late launch just before 14:00 due to the Air Sailing safety meeting before. I expected the day to be so so and blue except for up north, but by launch time the area was covered with a thick cirrus layer that I didn't expect and all cus as expected seemed to be a ways away with an appreciable westerly wind. I released into decent lift but it just didn't end up going very high. Headed SE to Virgina Peak and found not much except sink. Before you know it I'm turning around back towards Air Sailing and working sub 1 knot uneven thermals barely above pattern height, but managed to save it. The cirrus gradually thinned and it did get better. Ended up initially going to Pond Peak than turning back NW. Finally got above 10k' by Tule Peak and decided to head NW where the cus were. A little SW of Herlong is where I made first contact with the cu straight into a 6 knotter to 12.5k and decided to dial up the MacCready knob and headed to Susanville. To and including Susanville didn't find much of anything except some sinking air but there was great looking cu just NE of KSVE so deviated there and was rewarded with a very turbulent, but strong 6 knotter. I was hoping this would be my last climb especially with a minor tailwind. I went after some cu over Honey Lake on the way home but they didn't deliver much. My guess is these were dying clouds that were formed west over the mountains than blown east and were dying over the lake. By Herlong I had marginal glide back to Air Sailing and was undershooting glide slope up until that point so ended up taking an extra 1500' in a 3 knotter for peace of mind which proved to be unnecessary as I hit lots of dolphinable lift and was screaming in with full negative flaps to bring her down to pattern height the last 15-20 miles. Glad I decided to take a tow even into an ugly sky and didn't spend the entire weekend on the ground.


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