Type of glider: Ventus 2c/18m,

Takeoff location:Air Sailing (US / 11)


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Flight details

Points for the flight 379.61
Points for the flight 315.27
scoring distance 372.0
Speed 85.2 km/h
Duration 04:21:52
Points for the flight 64.34
scoring distance 253.1 km
Speed 57.3 km/h
Duration 04:25:08
Scoring class 18m
Scoring start 19:27:04
Scoring end 23:52:12
Index: 118.0
Club Air Sailing Nevada
Date of claim 09.07.2018 05:25:38
state IGC-File: Flight:

Flight path

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Another pretty sorry day with 3 diversions to stay in range of a landout airport. Very strong winds aloft (25+ knots from the SW). About as broken up, inconsistent and hard to work thermals as I can remember. Mostly blue and where there was clouds, it very quickly ODed. Some areas of god awful sustained sink. First hour and a half wasn't too bad, although not very high but the blue lift was at least relatively consistent and relatively strong. The first clouds were by Schurz. I arrived there pretty low hoping to get a boomer out of the clouds which didn't quite materialize so I turned back towards Yerrington while it was still a sure glide. Fortunately I did find some lift on the way back and flew under clouds S on the Wassuk Range. There was already lots of OD and showers all over the Hawthrone area and to the SE so decided to go W back into the blue and hope to make some triangle points by rounding S. Lake Tahoe. Between the headwind and vicious sink, I lost a ton of altitude until I hit Mt. Siegel. It was getting pretty iffy so decided to just turn back home. The lift over the Pinenuts was so inconsistent, it started with 1 turn of 4 knots up and 2 turns later it was completely gone or sinking, and this happened multiple times. I crossed Dayton Valley and arrived low enough on the other side that instead of going on into unlandable terrain by the Gigafactory, I diverted ENE to stay well in range of Silver Springs airport and hoped I'd hit some lift that would give me final glide altitude. I did eventually hit something over USA parkway that gave me a 27:1 glide home which should be doable. That didn't work out too well, I hit such awful sink over the I-80 corridor that I made it barely over Pond Peak. I hit a strong bump by Pond Peak that I decided to circle in that immediately turned into such strong sink and drift that after 1 turn I could no longer safely clear the mountains into Warm Springs Valley. After shouting obscenities to myself in the cockpit, I started diverting towards Tiger for a landout. I found some lift that got me back up to 10k on the way to Tiger which let me penetrate back into the valley. The airmass in the valley seemed to be completely different as everything was going up so much so that even running at 120 knots and doing a turn over Ranch Road I still arrived 1000' high. Oh, the irony. Next weekend better be booming, cause this one sucked.


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