Flugzeugtyp: Ventus 2c/18m,

Startplatz:Air Sailing (US / 11)


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Punkte des Fluges 472.53
Punkte des Fluges 457,26
Wertungsdistanz 539,6
Speed 101,1 km/h
Wertungsdauer 05:20:12
Punkte des Fluges 15,27
Wertungsdistanz 60,0 km
Speed 18,7 km/h
Wertungsdauer 03:12:47
Wertungsklasse 18m
Wertungsanfang 18:54:29
Wertungsende 00:19:04
Index: 118,0
Club Air Sailing Nevada
Tag der Meldung 16.07.2018 04:50:37
Status IGC-Datei: Flug:


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Bitte warten, wird geladen ...
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Day that was forecast with lots of blow up and certainly delivered on that promise. Not terribly high as I spent most of the day below 12k and never even got above 14k. Appreciable westerly winds especially later in the afternoon. Some strong lift, a lot of very broken lift and some areas of nasty sink.
I launched just before noon and once I got high enough to see outside of the Warm Springs Valley, there was already distant blow up to the E and NE. My hope was to do Tonopah and back, but I was realistic that the blow up could very well screw that up and it sure did. Getting out of the valley wasn't too bad, although I deviated slightly W of course to catch lift to get high enough for a comfy glide over the I-80 corridor valley instead of going direct but low. There was a bit of a blue hole to cross from Silver Springs to the N edge of the Wassuk Range, but it wasn't too hard. By the time I made it there around 13:30 there was already blow up starting around Lantana Ranch and Hilton Ranch and there was massive blow up around Mina and further SE so I scratched Tonopah off the list pretty quick. As I got closer to Mt. Grant, the lift was getting weaker, the sky darker and the rain shafts from the W were moving E towards me. I took one decent thermal just past Mt. Grant and turned around. On the way back it was getting a bit sketchy as I was getting drizzled on, there wasn't much circlable lift and I saw lightning bolts just a few miles W of me. I took a climb over the Wassuk Range about 10 minutes after rounding Mt. Grant and where I was just a few minutes ago was under massive rain shafts so I got out just in the nick of time. By the time I got closer to Yerrington it was back to more fair weatherish cu.
After getting back to the Air Sailing area I decided to do a quick run to Susanville and back to finish my day as that portion of the sky didn't look as though there was much chance of blow up there. I got a bit low by the time I got to Susanville but nothing too bad and found lift to get high enough to maybe do a final glide. The cus were getting sparse coming back and hit some unexpected sink and my final glide was totally marginal at that point so I took some mediocre peace of mind lift under a scraggily cu a bit NW of Herlong and it was a good thing I did because I hit massive sink on final glide.


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