Type of glider: Std. Libelle,

Takeoff location:Lake Keepit Gld (AU / NSW)


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Flight details

Points for the flight 598.92
Points for the flight 476.65
scoring distance 467.1
Speed 81.0 km/h
Duration 05:46:12
Points for the flight 122.27
scoring distance 399.4 km
Speed 70.0 km/h
Duration 05:42:08
Scoring class club
Scoring start 01:21:08
Scoring end 07:09:44
Index: 98.0
Club Tehachapi Southern Sierra
Date of claim 08.01.2019 07:46:26
state IGC-File: Flight:

Flight path

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Started somewhat early - the start circle was fairly blue and it seemed that I was unlikely to get up again and I didn't want it to get too late. This meant that I lead out first-ish, but was relieved to see that it seemed that the class followed soon thereafter. Heading out into the blue, there was quite a bit of sink, but lift was also to be found. Sarah had a very high start and quickly got out in front of syliva and I. I'm used to flying up and donw the Sierra/White Mountains and very used to being aware of where the wind is blowing and mindful of being on the downwind side of the ridges. Here in AUS its comparably flat, and I keep finding myself surprised at the amount of sink downwind of any feature, even 3-4kft above it - where I'd expect the air to be relatively netural. Headed past Gunnedah, I hit a load of sink, and couldn't get out of it until I turned and got away from the hills south of town. Continuing south, CU started to form and we had to make a bit of a climb to get up on the western end of the Liverpool range - which we had to cross en route to Gulgong. Good, predictable CU started to form with excellent cloudstreets which we could connect into good runs. Being that this leg was also downwind, this leg was relatively easy. Turning north, flying with Sylvia, we started to leap frog each other, one getting high while the other pushed forward. As we emerged from the clouds I couldn't help but sing "off we go, into the wild blue yonder"! Heading into Coonabarrabran, I got a bit low and took some weaker climbs - I've found that this turnpoint ends up being a bit of a hole, and Syliva had the right strategy to get high before getting close to the turn. I eventually got up, made the turn and then shared a thermal with KO - where I noted that I had drifted out of the turn due the strong winds. Headed out with Syliva, we turned more right of course, preferring to stay away from the downwind edge of the Pilliga scrub. Getting close to final glide, we took a couple of middle-ish thermals and with about 1000ft over I pushed on. Of course, after taking some 3-4kt climbs to get up on glide, I stumbled into 7kts and couldn't resist taking a turn or two to get up on a fat final glide and head home. Fun day full of challenges, both in the blue conditions and decision making.


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