Type of glider: Std. Libelle,

Takeoff location:Lake Keepit Gld (AU / NSW)


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Flight details

Points for the flight 592.42
Points for the flight 475.79
scoring distance 466.3
Speed 91.5 km/h
Duration 05:05:40
Points for the flight 116.63
scoring distance 381.0 km
Speed 77.3 km/h
Duration 04:55:32
Scoring class club
Scoring start 00:36:38
Scoring end 05:43:14
Index: 98.0
Club Tehachapi Southern Sierra
Date of claim 10.01.2019 07:52:28
state IGC-File: Flight:

Flight path

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Today was fast and furious! Forecast to OD and this time we actually believed it - syliva and I met up in the start cylinder and decided for an early start. Cruising north I stuck with the clouds and had a fabulous run to the north. I circled with a red and yellow sky jellyfish (paraglider) and he was in the best lift - for the hell of it I gave him a big wave from the box office (commonly known as the cockpit) and HE WAVED BACK!!! I was thrilled! Pressing on - I had a lot of straight ahead lift - bumping from cloud to cloud and playing connect the dots. Things were going well and I found a few really strong climbs near Bingara and pressed into Warialda. I nearly missed the turn headed for a great looking cloud, and had to turn back for about 2ish km. The leg out to Keytah was a little lower and slower with more turbulent lift - but good strong thermals were to be found... you just had to be patient and find them. Turning south - a big blue hole opened up, and there was SIGNIFICANT OD with a gust front. Between the blue hole and Kaputar ODing, I deviated farily right of course line deciding to stay away from the storms - and because I thought it was the shortest distance across the blue. Across the hole little whispies would pop up in front of me and they all worked! It was fabulous as it felt like I was flying across mars with the GIANT cultivated fileds to the NW of the task area. Reconnecting with the clouds - I climbed back up and made my way right of courseline - it seemed that the CU over the ridge were on the cusp of rain/lightning and I didn't want to take the chance that I'd get caught up in that so close to home. Near the coal mines I deviated again (perhaps unnecessarily) for a
climb that was again, probably unnecesary. I headed towards the next set of clouds and got a BOOMING climb that put me up over final glide and I headed for home. For the first time this comp, I could not get down and my normal 1000ish feet over final went to more than 2kft over glide. I touched down and we were able to put CX into the hangar right as the gust front from the storms to the south arrived.

Fabulous day - had a great time with Syliva and Sarah - silly jokes and some songs on the radio in the midst of position and lift reports. Great fun!


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