Copilot: RyanDriscoll (AU),
Type of glider: Nimbus 3DT,

Takeoff location:Benalla Gld (AU / VIC)


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Flight details

Points for the flight 292.15
Points for the flight 235.61
scoring distance 282.7
Speed 93.9 km/h
Duration 03:00:44
Points for the flight 56.54
scoring distance 226.2 km
Speed 75.1 km/h
Duration 03:00:44
Scoring class open
Scoring start 03:48:43
Scoring end 06:49:27
Index: 120.0
Club Gliding Club of Victoria
Date of claim 21.02.2019 07:50:33
state IGC-File: Flight:

Flight path

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Young Ryan Driscoll was keen for another flight in the mighty Nimbus, the forecast was a bit better than our flight to the hills yesterday and after lunch a few Cus were starting to appear over the mountains - so off we went at 2.30.
There were enough thermals to get away from Benalla, albeit at a modest height till we got one to near 8,000ft at Mt Emu. That set us up nicely to crest Buffalo where a 7 knot climb over the lake sent us up to 9,400ft and on to the main ridge at Mount Hotham.
There a convergence was working well but I didn't want to go further north or east because by now it was after 4pm and I didn't want to be late getting out of the hills with a cool southerly blowing.
We turned west to set off back home and Ryan climbed to cloud base in the last thermal on the ridge. As we left it I noticed a smooth surge in front of the cloud and did a quick hand-brake turn to stop us in it. Up we went in absolutely smooth and silent air, at times seeing 7 and 8 knots on the vario!
Ryan couldn't believe it - of course he videoed it all at length so our chat, the sights and the vario noises are recorded to re-live the fun.
We settled for 15,500 ft, having checked the FL125 limit didn't apply there. It did apply to our west so we stayed east to keep clear of it, enjoying flying super-quiet through the still laminar air.
The views from up there from the coast to the hills north of Melbourne and away inland were spectacular in the clear southerly air.
When we got down to 2,000ft above glide to Benalla we turned for home and had a smooth ride all the way, joining the circuit at 6 to find the club K21s still in action.
From his chat I got the distinct impression young Ryan was pleased with his outing - so was I!!


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