Type of glider: Ventus cM 17,6m,

Takeoff location:Menomonie Municipal- (US / 7)


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Flight details

Points for the flight 68.53
scoring distance 190.6 km
Speed 76.24 km/h
Duration 02:24:52
Scoring class 18m
Scoring start 18:16:13
Scoring end 21:14:33
Index: 115.0
Club None
Date of claim 18.06.2019 23:24:59
state IGC-File: Flight:

Flight path

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TopMeteo - Weather Charts

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this was a day with very interesting weather. As usual, BLIPmaps and TopMeteo and SkySight differed considerably in the nuance, but all agreed that soaring would be better to the east than north. True.
Cu were popping by 10 am, but the bases were only about 2000 agl or a bit less.
I got off about 12:30, and simply couldn't find anything to work under 2000 agl, so re-lit and autotowed to 3000 agl, near a cloud. Finally, organized lift. So I climbed to cloudbase (about 4000, 800 ft higher than TopMeteo predicted -- but that's always hundreds of feet pessimistic.
Next, where to go? North was supposed to overdevelop after 2 pm so why not go north first. But about halfway to Cumberland (near Dallas, WI) thee cu had seemed to spawn large areas of middle stratus that blocked the sun.
Interestingly, below that stratus, above the dark and shadowed ground, was where the burgeoning cauliflower cu were located. Curious, I headed to the dark. And there was lift. There were sorta lines of cloud to the east, not really streeting, but short distances between thermals.
It was very interesting that today lift was under wispy stuff or under a dimple in the dark clouds.
I flew east for quite awhile until about 85 km from home, about 3 pm, and realized that the sky was not looking enthusiastic behind me, so turned back.
First along the line of cloud that brought me east -- but they weren't working quite so well -- and I scouted the sky and ground for what might bring me upwind home ( 5 kt west wind). I decided that the best thing would be to fly along the south edges of the clouds -- the side under which was sunlit ground.
Lift was not reliably under even good looking clouds, but usually under wisps just at the upwind edge of the cloud. Thermal strength was weaker now -- 1-2 kt mostly, but I found enough that I arrived home 1600 ft above final glide, so decided to continue on.
But the day was dying. Nothing was workable any more, so I made a big circle and landed. Of course, there was persistent lift on the downwind leg.
Practicing wheel landings -- today's was at 60 kt and 0 degrees flap; gentle touch of the wheel, then full spoiler and then -2 flaps for aileron control. It worked well. A stall landing with landing flaps without suspension in friction-layer turbulence is seldom smooth.


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