Type of glider: Ventus cM 17,6m,

Takeoff location:Menomonie Municipal- (US / 7)


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Flight details

Points for the flight 72.24
scoring distance 200.91 km
Speed 80.36 km/h
Duration 02:30:00
Scoring class 18m
Scoring start 18:41:09
Scoring end 22:28:25
Index: 115.0
Club None
Date of claim 21.06.2019 02:18:08
state IGC-File: Flight:

Flight path

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The soaring forecasts were all wrong about location and type of clouds, wind, and the length of the day. Basically good conditions were predicted to be limited to a N-S corridor from Eau Claire to Lake Superior and south to the Mississippi. In reality, all of WI northeast of Eau Claire had good conditions with strong cu and bases 6000+ ft msl up to the strong lake effect from Superior and Michigan.
Like yesterday, the home field was under heavy cirrus at mid-day, but cauliflower cu could be seen about 15 km / 10 miles away to the E, NE, and N.
The only question was whether I could get away. But the thermals were a little stronger locally than expected, the top of the lift not high, but I was able to tiptoe NE, first 5-6 miles in blue, then small markers, with good-looking cu and higher bases past Bloomer.
Basically, I just headed NE until there was only forest, no fields, then headed SE until my instincts said that it was time to head home.
There was solid cirrus along the SE horizon -- I explored as far to the south as I could, to the edge of the sunlit fields, then headed west. At one point I had worked a cloud to 6000 msl, and flew south to a cloud that looked possible. But shortly I hit a big bump in the blue, about 4 kt, so I turned in it. After 1 turn, there was a wisp above; and as I climbed, a thin young cloud gradually formed. Its base was a bit above 7000 msl, and the extra thousand feet of climb took me comfortably through a very weak area shaded by a patch of middle clouds.
In the end, I flew about 15 miles in weak conditions under the overcast just to see what it was actually like.
I landed at 5:30, with radar showing a band of rain about 25 miles west and advancing. But I successfully trailered the glider and the rain dissipated before wetting us locally.
All in all, an amazingly nice day. But it's going to be a couple of weeks before I can try again for a 300+ point flight.


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