Type of glider: Ventus 2c/18m,

Takeoff location: Air Sailing (US / 11)


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Flight details

Points for the flight 433.28
Points for the flight 392.46
scoring distance 463.1
Speed 88.5 km/h
Duration 05:13:50
Points for the flight 40.82
scoring distance 160.6 km
Speed 46.4 km/h
Duration 03:27:42
Scoring class 18m
Scoring start 18:29:37
Scoring end 00:00:59
Index: 118.0
Club Air Sailing Nevada
Date of claim 20.10.2019 05:11:38
state IGC-File: Flight:

Flight path

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Very challenging day experimenting with NW wind wave along with some ridge soaring and thermalling at the end of the flight. Bottom few thousand feet had W winds early transitioning to WNW later at 15-30 knots. Winds aloft were very strong, 60-80 knots NW just below class A. Where the wave was working, there was visible lines of rotor clouds along with decent looking lenticulars well into class A.
Entering the wave was cake using my standard ridge soar the west side of the Dogskins which transitioned right into running the upwind side of the line of visible rotor and straight into wave. While I was still doing figure eights to gain altitude before heading south the very strong northwesterly winds made going S be well over 100 knots and going N barely 10 knots and if you slowed down the airspeed enough, you flew backwards. The wave markers looked quite a bit weaker on the E side of Reno crossing towards Carson City and there was wave there, but it was pretty weak. It really picked up by Carson City and from there all the way S to Alpine County it was extremely strong, sometimes with lift spiking over 15 knots, I had to open my spoilers twice to not bust class A. I turned around just a bit past Alpine County where the foehn gap ended. Going back north, again the difference in groundspeed was very obvious doing 105 KIAS/135 KTAS but only about 70-80 knots groundspeed and an absurdly large crab angle to maintain ground track.
It was again weak going back N on the E side of Reno and it got even weaker further N where all the cloud markers just seem to be random and not organized into any lines and were not producing anywhere near the lift I'd hoped. I suspect the winds being more northerly then they were earlier really messed up the wave by Air Sailing. I managed to reacquire the wave after getting down to 12.5k by the N end of the Virginia Range but it was just a small patch, not a nice usable line. I ended up chasing a lenticular downwind/east which put me just a bit S of Pyramid Lake and it barely delivered either. I wasn't real happy to be 20 miles directly downwind of the airport with a 75 knot headwind even at 16k, so I gradually worked my way back W and that was it for wave for the day.
I spent some time ridge soaring and thermaling at 7k-9k the rest of the day where the winds were 15-30 knots WNW. The ridge just N of Tule Peak was working very well as were most of the Virginias from about Nextrad south. Red Rocks and the northernmost 5 miles of the Virginia range weren't working as they were just too NW/SE oriented to be usable in NW winds. I even got shot down by the Red Rocks once and headed back to the field but found a thermal right over the airport just a bit above pattern altitude. I landed on runway 35 as it looked to have about as bad a crosswind component as 21, just in the opposite direction. There were 20 knot NW winds in the pattern according to the air glide that didn't die down to a doable crosswind component until the last 100 feet or so of altitude well into final, so quite a bit of pucker factor until shortly before flaring. NW winds are fun, but the wave isn't nearly as regular as the more typical W or SW wave and winds aloft above 60 knots definitely make things trickier.


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