Type of glider: Ventus 2c/18m,

Takeoff location: Air Sailing (US / 11)


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Flight details

Points for the flight 321.5
Points for the flight 285.53
scoring distance 336.9
Speed 89.2 km/h
Duration 03:46:30
Points for the flight 35.97
scoring distance 141.5 km
Speed 41.2 km/h
Duration 03:26:05
Scoring class 18m
Scoring start 19:53:44
Scoring end 00:03:15
Index: 118.0
Club Air Sailing Nevada
Date of claim 28.10.2019 05:20:51
state IGC-File: Flight:

Flight path

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Surprise wave day. I was expecting cold thermals with some ridge lift. I got VERY cold wave with thermals but no ridge lift. NE winds today due to a cold front and as expected rather strong post front thermals. The ridge lift didn't quite materialize as I'd hoped as the winds didn't really go above 15 knots NE until 9k or so, weaker than forecast. I was originally hoping to try ridge soaring the back/east faces of Tule, the Virginias and if I got really ballsy the Diamond Mountains to Susanville. I wussed out of those as the winds were just too weak for good consistent ridge soaring and all those spots are tiger country that you'd be in real trouble if you couldn't sustain.
I spent the first half of the flight until about 15:30 thermal soaring. Thermals were sometimes marked with scraggily cu and were averaging about 2 knots and going anywhere from 8.5k to a bit over 10k. Lots of nasty sink between the thermals and I never ventured too far from home.
I randomly and unexpectedly stumbled into wave by the Stead/Peavine area. I hit a bit of lift just upwind of what I thought was a cu (but apparently was a rotor cloud) that took me above cloud base and eventually smoothed out but kept going up. I ended up working 1 nice patch just over Stead to over 16k before heading NW to Herlong. At higher altitudes the winds were about 25-30 knots NE around 12k and about 45-50 knots at 16k. The wave was surprisingly strong in spots at over 10 knots. Because the terrain generating the wave wasn't the long, regular Sierras like in common westerly wave, the wave ended up being quite patchy in small 10-15 mile sections. I was trying to make sense of the terrain that was generating it as to best stay parallel with the terrain and I figured that at times I was in wave off the Virginias, Tule, Dogskins and State Line Peak. It did work, but was quite a bit more challenging to stay in it than the common westerly wave, especially with no lenticular markers and almost no rotor markers. I ended up turning Herlong then turning Tracy Power Plant before heading home, all in wave.
Next time we have these strange NE wind days I'll have to actually aim for and not just randomly run into the wave. Maybe even figure out what the best way to enter NE wave is and where the wave tends to set up. I'm glad I decided to wear my full winter gear including electric socks even though I wasn't expecting wave or to get much above 10k. In the lower altitudes in thermals it was still a bit below freezing and the gear made it quite comfortable, but in the wave even with all the gear it was barely 0 Fahrenheit above 16k and was still a bit uncomfortably cold, but doable. Had I not worn the full gear, it would have been hypothermically unbearable. Now I just need to get a bit of SE wave and I'll have flown wave in all the wind quadrants :-)


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