Type of glider: Ventus 2c/18m,

Takeoff location: Air Sailing (US / 11)


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Flight details

Points for the flight 358.83
Points for the flight 320.83
scoring distance 378.6
Speed 70.2 km/h
Duration 05:23:28
Points for the flight 38.00
scoring distance 149.5 km
Speed 33.6 km/h
Duration 04:26:49
Scoring class 18m
Scoring start 19:04:53
Scoring end 00:28:21
Index: 118.0
Club Air Sailing Nevada
Date of claim 21.12.2019 05:39:49
state IGC-File: Flight:

Flight path

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Challenging blue wave day that almost whooped my ass twice. SW winds aloft at 45-55 knots. High altitude lenticulars well to the east of my flight path but that's it, no other visible markers. Launched at 11:00. Towed a little higher than usual as surface winds were calm and winds didn't get to even 10 knots until 6,000' or so. Did my usual tow to the W face of the Dogskins which were ridge soarable pretty easily to gain altitude, but couldn't find the wave there. Tried again over Tule Peak and had better luck. From there I jumped upwind to a wave bar that setup right over the Dogskins (not sure why I couldn't catch it earlier). Then jumped upwind again to a wave bar by Fred's Mountain that I think was coming off the Petersen Ridge. After almost 2 hours I finally had the altitude and started heading south. As usual the Verdi wave gap cost me a few thousand feet but I made the altitude back up pretty easily by Mt. Rose.
I lost the wave somewhere about halfway down the Tahoe Rim Trail ridge and made the bad decision to go downwind. I ended up getting even further E than Minden and down to about 10k, below the mountain peaks and below the wave. I was starting to think I would end up landing out at Minden and calling for a trailer retrieve. I ended up creeping back upwind and wrestled my way back by circling and S turning in the rotor coming off of Heavenly and eventually reacquired the wave, but wasted over a half hour on that pointless.
Ended up turning back N by Alpine Country Airport and the run north wasn't consistent lift everywhere, but no major foul ups unlike the run to the S. Again the Verdi wave gap cost me some altitude. Trying to go the NW towards Susanville didn't work out as planned, every time just as I thought I'd figured out where the wave is and how far downwind from the ridge to be, the wave disappeared on me. It was already almost 16:00 so I decided to just head home and call it a day. I hit unshakable sink on the way back and I ended up about the height of State Line Peak. I tried ridge soaring it to gain some peace of mind final glide lift just in case I hit more sink but ended up losing altitude instead. Apprehensively, I headed downwind to the hills NW of Tule Peak with less than 7,500' of altitude figuring I could use them as ridge lift to make it home comfortably. Thankfully that worked as I was low enough at that point that any appreciable amount of sink on the way home would have made final glide very very dicey. I landed just a few minutes before sunset. Thanks to Gene for towing and Thea for rigging and hangaring help.


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