Type of glider: LS 4,

Takeoff location: Soaring ClubHouston (US / 10)


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Flight details

Points for the flight 21.0
scoring distance 54.07 km
Speed 21.63 km/h
Duration 00:46:51
Scoring class standard
Scoring start 20:47:45
Scoring end 21:43:35
Index: 104.0
Club Soaring Club of Houston
Date of claim 01.03.2020 01:41:20
state IGC-File: Flight:

Flight path

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TopMeteo - Weather Charts

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071 North Lake 5mi 4000' Start
027 Fair Weather 10mi
069 Navasota 10mi
086 Sky Lakes 10mi
009 Bonner 5mi
083 SCOH 2mi 1000' Finish

This was my first flight in a really long time so my plan was to just take it easy. I found a good thermal and climbed out the top so I headed out. Had a fair run south towards Fair Weather and found decent climbs in the blue. I headed north to Navasota and all was well but the climbs were weak. I passed TS1 going to Navasota and thought all was well. I just barely nicked Navasota and turning south found much stronger winds...and no lift any more. Getting low, I started weighing options. Williams was the best option, especially as I got to the south end of their runway and faced a long stand of tall pine trees. I made a tight pattern and an uneventful landing there. The runway was fair but all was good.

There was nobody there and a long, long walk to the gate. Thankfully, I found the caretaker as he was heading out. He was a nice guy and shared his contact info and mailing address to mail the "compensation" for landing there. For others like me who might need his help, his name is Joey Reich, cell 713-254-2546 and his mailing address, should you need to mail anything to him, is 37058 FM2979, Hempstead, TX 77445. They're happy for us to land there instead to prevent an accident but they don't seem interested in us making a habit of landing there.

Good day, just wish I had thrown in the towel before going out of glide of SCOH!


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