Type of glider: Ventus 2c/18m,

Takeoff location: Air Sailing (US / 11)


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Flight details

Points for the flight 687.28
Points for the flight 646.88
scoring distance 763.3
Speed 128.1 km/h
Duration 05:57:28
Points for the flight 40.40
scoring distance 158.9 km
Speed 33.1 km/h
Duration 04:47:45
Scoring class 18m
Scoring start 19:19:53
Scoring end 01:17:23
Index: 118.0
Club Air Sailing Nevada
Date of claim 01.03.2020 05:59:48
state IGC-File: Flight:

Flight path

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First satisfying flight of 2020. Very interesting pre frontal wave day ranging from ludicrously good flying at 17k just shy of Vne to at times a real ass whippin'. Very interesting wind profile with SW-W winds that barely went above 20 knots until 11k-12k and winds right below class A at 35-45 knots. All the wave was really above 13k with just rotor below. Markers ranged from beautiful stacked lennies marking the primary just downwind of Lake Tahoe (although I didn't fly there) to blue in some areas to lots of visible rotor cloud lines with 16k bases and well defined foehn gaps.
Started with my usual wave tow to the W side of the dogskins where the ridge lift was working fine and there was plenty of rotor lift. It did take me over an hour though until I got into the laminar wave layer at 14k and it was well S and closer to Pond Peak. Crossing E of the class C airspace wasn't too bad with sparse visible rotors marking the way, although I did fall out a little bit. It just got better and better the further S I went with very well defined lines of rotor and foehn gaps like a yellow brick road showing me the way and lift that at times was over 15 knots. I spent quite a bit of time over 17k with the spoilers open just to not bust class A. Unusually there was more and more moisture the further S you went and the clouds were starting to converge into rotor cumulo-stratusish formations so I turned around by Mammoth Lakes. The next leg was alright but the cus got pretty sparse downwind of the Pinenuts so I turned around a bit shy of Rabbit Dry Lake. Going back S again was alright but it was bluing up and I fell out of the wave by Mt. Patterson and lost a good amount of altitude trying to penetrate upwind to reacquire it. I definitely fell out of the laminar wave but managed to get back up in the rotor reasonably easily. I turned by Bryant shortly after and headed back for home.
The final leg was quite a bit more challenging as almost all the markers were gone. I completely botched locating the up side of the wave downwind of the Pinenuts and before you know it I was below 12k and out of the wave by Yerrington. I did manage to get back up in relatively weak rotor but played it safe the rest of the flight and flew pretty slowly conserving altitude and having a very conservative altitude reserve to make it back to Air Sailing. At times I did hit some sink on the way back home but it turned out to be not too bad. By this point the front was really starting to move in and the sky was turning dark gray with some fallstreaks in the distance. Once I got below the wave the air was quite rough so I had to slow down and arrived at the airport a few thousand feet high and about a half hour before sunset (later than I had planned). I ended up derigging with Thea's help with just the last bit of sunlight a good 20 minutes after the sun went down. Around 18:45 the front really hit and it got quite windy from the WNW and noticeably colder. One other note about this flight is that my camelback hose froze in flight and I couldn't drink the last hour or so of the flight. This was a good reminder that even with an insulated hose, blowing back after taking a sip is a good habit.


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