Type of glider: Ventus cM 17,6m,

Takeoff location: Menomonie Municipal- (US / 7)


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Flight details

Points for the flight 225.94
scoring distance 199.87 km
Speed 60.38 km/h
Duration 03:18:36
Scoring class 18m
Scoring start 16:59:45
Scoring end 21:19:53
Index: 115.0
Club Minden Soaring Club
Date of claim 28.06.2020 03:06:24
state IGC-File: Flight:

Flight path

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TopMeteo - Weather Charts

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Today was proof that the models are always wrong -- if we only knew *how* they'll be wrong, we could make hay.
Yesterday, Topmeteo projected clouds throughout w'ern Wisconsin, thermals to 4000 increasing to 5900-6200 msl
This morning, Topmeteo projected a blue day and short distances; Skysight was simply pessimistic overall.
So, feeling the weather would do what it would do and I may as well find out for myself, I declared a little 200km triangle and got ready early -- cu were popping by 10 am -- and had the engine off by noon, and headed out on course. Too early. I got low over Colax and managed a save, and headed on north. The clouds got thinner and fewer, but there were wisps throughout the day. Honestly, wisps are better than clouds in that they more reliably indicate lift. Before about 2 pm, all the clouds mark lift (windward edge); after about 2 pm most are dying and a few are picking up.
The conditions improved about 2 pm -- stronger, higher thermals, most marked with a wisp; some not marked.
"Winds" were thermal inflow; there was a gentle atmospheric tide from the north. The Oudie estimated wind directions from 320 to 020 and "speeds" from 2-8 kt, most less than 3 kt.
I finished the 200km triangle at 4 pm, so declared a 100km triangle and headed off.
After the first turnpoint, the thermals were distinctly weaker and more diffuse, and by the time I was halfway up the second leg, I realized that I was working everything (to figure out whether any were strong), that I dreaded getting low at the second turnpoint, that I had a headache -- which made me realized that I was too fatigued. So I simply went home and landed. An hour later, The Lady Isabelle said, "I knew you were exhausted 15 seconds after you came in the door."
My apologies to the Minden club for not gathering in the points of the 2nd triangle, but aborting was the right decision.
I left the glider assembled for tomorrow, in case the forecast mediocrity is not correct.


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