Type of glider: ASG 29 18m,

Takeoff location: Truckee-Tahoe (US / 11)


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Flight details

Points for the flight 159.78
scoring distance 456.37 km
Speed 182.55 km/h
Duration 02:29:59
Scoring class 18m
Scoring start 19:50:57
Scoring end 02:10:42
Index: 119.0
Club Northern California Soaring Ass.
Date of claim 26.07.2020 06:30:55
state IGC-File: Flight:

Flight path

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Could have been a great day, but...
1- first I forgot my parachute and needed to borrow from the club.first time this ever happened. Bad sign?
2- Then took too long to get ready and Instead of launching early before the contest guys launched late after the last contest guy.
3. then it took me forever to get up and leave the Truckee valley
4.decided to follow the Sierra like others but it was falling apart with virga bythe time I was on my way, resulting in slow,scenic flight in the canyons below the terrain, and finally gave up and moved East after almost Committing for landing at Bridgeport.
5- then it was a fantastic run to the Whites and Inyos turning Cerro Gordo with hardly any circling.
6- but due to the late start I had a late finish and cloud after cloud fell apart on my way back. I only found some weak lift over the Pine Nuts and Minden under clouds which fell appart but should have stuck with it or move further north of Carson to the better looking cloud but figured I had enough to use Sergio elevator to get back. Big mistake.
7- lake wind was weak around 7 knots and OD to the west also blocked some of the sun and I could not get above 8K at the elevator. We need 10K to make Truckee across brockway summit form the elevator or 9K to escape to Carson. I had neither and was stuck in the Taho Basin at 1500AGL above the water WITH NOWHERE TO GO.day dream didn’t produce much neither and soon I needed to choose between water landing or landing in the narrow golf course at Incline which is surrounded with tall trees. I didn’t notice any golfer so,opted for the dry option. Very scary landing downwind diving between tall trees trying to avoid them. Almost got away with it but hit some bushes during ground roll and ground looped damaging my wing tip. Glider now needs to go to the shop.


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