Type of glider: ASG 29E 18m,

Takeoff location: Seminole Lake (US / 5)


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Flight details

Points for the flight 166.49
Points for the flight 155.52
scoring distance 185.1
Speed 56.3 km/h
Duration 03:17:22
Points for the flight 10.97
scoring distance 43.5 km
Speed 46.6 km/h
Duration 00:56:01
Scoring class 18m
Scoring start 18:00:45
Scoring end 21:22:55
Index: 119.0
Club Seminole Lakes
Date of claim 19.02.2021 01:10:46
state IGC-File: Flight:

Flight path

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Weather forecast was terrible but the Seniors are coming up and this would have been a contest day. Tried a 310K nominal TAT with a 3 hour minimum time. Goal was to fly to minimum distance points on first circle to see how we were doing. Winds were out of the SSW and I was going to try and use geometry to go down street on way down and back. No streets but 18 kts of wind. Large holes around Gore and the lakes. Flying with a couple of friends and we all had trouble getting up around the gliderport. Finally got a climb to start altitude but my wingman was on opposite cycle of the lift. Waited about 35 minutes which was the difference in completing the task and starting the motor. Run to Avon Park was just ok. Made the turn to Wauchula but headed home 6 miles from the circle. High overcast was coming in behind me and it was almost 4pm. Closer I got to Gore the worse it got. No sun on ground and only high clouds. From Gore to north of I-4 it was blue blue blue! Started motor high over the airport and climbed out for home. Lessons learned, when you have start altitude on a day that is expected to be tough, GO! Waiting around for markers, team mates, the weather to get better, or the perfect start could put you in a tough spot on the return. Having a slow day isn't as penalizing as a landout. Starting 30 minutes earlier may or may not have made a difference but it would have given me a better chance to get home. As always, just needed one more climb. We will get it next time.


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