Type of glider: Ventus 2c/18m,

Takeoff location: Moriarty (US / 9)


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Flight details

Points for the flight 143.56
Points for the flight 124.25
scoring distance 146.6
Speed 62.2 km/h
Duration 02:21:31
Points for the flight 19.31
scoring distance 76.0 km
Speed 45.7 km/h
Duration 01:39:40
Scoring class 18m
Scoring start 18:46:29
Scoring end 21:08:00
Index: 118.0
Club Moriarty Soaring
Date of claim 21.02.2021 05:10:42
state IGC-File: Flight:

Flight path

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Pretty disappointing and weak blue wave day. I was pretty gung ho before the flight as the forecast was calling for 60-70 knots WSW at 18k and 30-40 knots by 10,000'. I took a 9500' foot tow that was extremely turbulent and chock full of slack line. I released about 5 miles SW of the airport. I went a little upwind and found some rough but overall rising rotor that allowed me to just maintain altitude for about 15 minutes a few miles S of the solar farm. Eventually it developed into strong enough lift to climb and I connected with the laminar flow around 11k that was going up at about 3 knots. That was the best I'd see all day. I started heading N and there I was just getting weak lift that was going maybe a knot. Despite the weak lift, the winds were howling at 50-60 knots so I couldn't fly at minimum sink speed without getting blown backwards towards the E so had to fly 50-60 KIAS. I wasn't finding much N so turned around back S a bit downwind of South Mountain. I eventually returned to the same spot about 6 miles due W of the field where I found lift earlier and now was only getting maybe a knot. I tried going upwind with little luck. Then downwind with little luck. I was hoping to find something downwind of the N side of the Monzanos but didn't. Before you know it, I'm down to 12k and just trying to maintain altitude. Then down to 11k and getting kicked out of the laminar and into the rotor and starting to head back towards the field hoping to find something on the way but keeping the airport safely in range. I found a few bumps down low, but nothing to get me back up to try to reconnect with the wave so eventually landed a bit past 14:00. This will be my last flight based out of Moriarty before moving to Tuscon so was a bit bummed ending it on a low note, but what can you do. I'm also a bit stumped about why the wave was so crappy today considering the strong wind profile. Well, a weak day of soaring is still better than a good day of pretty much anything else you could be doing.


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