Type of glider: Ventus 2c/18m,

Takeoff location: El Tiro (US / 9)


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Flight details

Points for the flight 338.23
Points for the flight 272.40
scoring distance 321.4
Speed 81.1 km/h
Duration 03:57:50
Points for the flight 65.83
scoring distance 258.9 km
Speed 63.9 km/h
Duration 04:03:16
Scoring class 18m
Scoring start 19:59:44
Scoring end 00:03:44
Index: 118.0
Club Tucson Soaring Club
Date of claim 29.03.2021 05:31:36
state IGC-File: Flight:

Flight path

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Another good day sprinkled with bits of ridge and wave for extra fun. Blue with 10-15 knots of easterly wind aloft. Plenty of dolphinable areas of the sky today and above average average L/D for a blue day. Forecast was a bit overly pessimistic so I launched a bit too late around 13:00 as evident that I hit a 4 knotter straight up to 7k from barely above a pattern tow. Crossed I-10 not terribly high and got down to barely above 4k into the Tortolitas. Hit a strong, but incredibly tight thermal on the SE edge of the Tortolitas that took me to 8.5k but required a 55-60 degree bank to work effectively. I passed through the Catalinas without too much altitude and made it to the E faces just a bit over 7k, having to go through a small gap in the peaks that I didn't clear by much. On the E side though I was treated to some nice ridge lift that I used for several S turns to climb back up nicely to a bit over 8k. I made it to Bassett Peak, flying pretty conservatively once passing the valley trough and not turning down much lift due to having nowhere to land outside of running to San Manuel, so I really wanted to stay in the high side of the working band around 9k. I hit some incredibly rough, uneven and unworkable thermals shortly before reaching the peak. Shortly after I hit some very smooth 2 knot lift. After looking at the Air Glide wind indication that was reading 20 knots from the E, I figured those really rough thermals were actually rotor and I was actually in spotty, weak primary wave coming off Bassett Peak. On the way back I worked the wave in a few S turns for some more altitude before making a downwind run back to the E faces of the Catalinas. I then turned NW and rounded Coolidge Muni working reasonable lift and dolphining quite a bit to get there. I then turned S, initially eyeballing Schuk Toak Farms. I hit a good climb N of Newman Peak and another just SW of Picacho Peak. I ended up turning Ultralight Strip instead though as my final turnpoint instead as after getting S of El Tiro the sky got considerably sinkier and it was already damn near 17:00, not a good time this early in the year to get low away from home. Should have more nice triangle points today, and again spring out here so far has really been something.


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