First of all, we’d like to thank you for supporting the OLC!

OLC’s network capacity
Worldwide the OLC community has grown and OLC’s goal is to serve every participant in the same way. While our scoring system is available 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year, we have seen days with more than 3.000 flights submitted. All scoring flights are supposed to be uploaded and evaluated immediately. OLC’s users can expect a scoring system that works quickly and flawlessly.
Of course we want to give our best to meet your expectations!
However our high standard can only be guaranteed having a highly professional and complex IT-system running in the background. Servers have to be provided and external software services must be purchased. This simply costs money.
Our system is unique:
OLC works independently. We want to serve our users and thus our fascinating sport with a unique and worldwide accessible platform. Aeronautical organizations or commercial businesses may support OLC by becoming our partners.
Who stands behind the OLC?
Even though OLC is a professional and innovative platform, only a small team of active glider pilots organizes and develops the system - mostly voluntarily. Driven by their passion for soaring, they are motivated to continuously enhance the non-profit organization.
No entry fees
As OLC is a non-profit organization, we do provide our services for all participants free of charge.
Our sponsors
A big “Thank You” goes to our sponsors, who enable OLC to provide its service free for all participating pilots! The main objective of OLC’s sponsors is not just to provide economical benefits. Our sponsors mean more to us: They are important patrons. OLC has very positive effects on the sport of gliding, and OLC’s sponsors are benefitting from our portal’s attractiveness as well. Their company’s logos are clearly positioned on our website. So, all the sympathies shown to OLC will meet our sponsors as well. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, too, please send an e-mail to
How can you support OLC?
With just a small contribution you may already give great support OLC. Simply join the group of “smiley-owners” and become an OLC partner. With a donation of only 12 Euros (either using SEPA direct debit authorization – European bank accounts only), by credit card or via PayPal you can support the future for the sport of soaring. After donating, you will soon find a smiley next to your name in the scores, which shows you are an OLC partner.

 Contribute to the future of soaring and get your smiley! Don’t wait!

Choose one of three methods:

a) OLC-donation via Credit Card (Visa or Master):  pay herefurther Information


b) OLC-donation via direct debit: contest registration

This is possible only with an European bank account (SEPA). After entering your bank details in the contest registration, every year 12 Euro will be directly debited. This will stop, after removal of the bank details in the contest registration.


c) OLC-donation via Paypal:  pay herefurther Information


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