National Decentral Contest (NDC)

Issue 2012 Nov. 11th.

1 General

The National Decentral Contest (NDC) intends to score results in a combination of an overall distance according to OLC-Classic rules, plus a declared triangle according to BHC rules. The NDC is an experimental contest, exclusively organized for the OLC countries of Netherlands and Switzerland. The contest rules are based on OLC-Plus rules.

2 Scoring Classes

a) Overall class
b) Open class
c) 18m class
d) 15m class
e) Standard class
f) Clubclass
g) 20m double-seater class

Airplane performances will be factored according to DAeC index list ( Index_2012.pdf) airplanes, not listed will be added with an Index valued by OLC.

4 Scoring flights and procedures

4.1 Outline

The NDC scoring consists of the two parts "OLC-Classic" (free flight as per the OLC-Classic Course of the OLC-Plus) and "BHC" (declared task). The points of the latter are multiplied with the factor 0.3. The sum of both parts contemplates the total NDC points of a given flight.

The NDC scoring is built by:

a) a free flight scoring based on OLC-Classic rules PLUS
b) a declared flight scoring based on BHC rules (bonus of 30% for each point)

The scoring consists of flights containing declared tasks according to BHC rules exclusively.

4.2 Detailed rules

Definitions are similar to OLC Plus definitions

4.3 Scoring Courses

4.3.1 OLC Classic Course

After the flight, a departure point, up to five turn points and a finish point are positioned on the recorded flight path in such a way that the raw point score, from the departure point round the turn points to the finish point, is a great as possible and the departure altitude is no more than 1000m above the finish altitude. The distance is scored with 1.0 raw points per km. To compensate for the differences in glider performance, the raw point score thus obtained is multiplied by 100 and divided by the valid OLC index.

4.3.2 BHC Course (based on the BHC)

The task has to be declared in the FR before take-off. The flight and the declaration have to be documented with an IGC approved FR approved for "all IGC badge flights and distance diploma". The distance of the declared and fulfilled triangle is scored with 1.0 raw points per km. The acceptable triangular course must fulfill the FAI SC3 1.4.6 b i or SC3 1.4.6 b ii. If the acceptable triangular course does fulfill FAI Sporting Code SC3 1.4.6 b a bonus of 30% will be applied. To compensate for the differences in glider performance, the raw point score thus obtained is multiplied by 100 and divided by the valid OLC index.

4.4 NDC Score

The NDC points constitute of the sum of the OLC-Classic points and 0.3 points for each BHC point (NDC points = OLC-Classic points + 0.3 x BHC points). If the declared task is not fulfilled, OLC-Classic points are scored only. The result, rounded to one hundredth of a point, is the final score for the flight. The minimum score for a flight is 50 points. Shorter flights are displayed in the ranking, but not further considered in the scores.


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