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Saturday, 13. March 2021 New definition Standard Club translate news

Increasingly, a problem has arisen for fair sporting comparison, which should be solved as simply as possible. It has become apparent, that more and more pilots are registering their weekend flights for one League Team or Club and during the week for another Club. In addition, League entries from pilots who are only in fourth place or worse in their own team, i.e. not needed for their own team classification, but who can, for example, enter the neighbouring club as a third classification and thus save it from relegation, have made an unfair contribution to other potential relegation candidates.
The German Cross Country Gliding Championship (DMSt) has so far prevented an escalation of this behaviour by requiring a club affiliation to be checked via the German Aeroclub (DAeC) for a valid DMST rating. Without DMSt in the OLC, one can now assume that the described unfair "Club hopping" could increase.
Therefore, it was specified in the rules and in the evaluation software, if or after the pilot changes his Club/Team affiliation in his participant registration: "From the next flight of a new season on your flights will be scored for the new club. Once for the 2021 season, the first flight after 1.4.2021 will determine the club for the following flights."
This will certainly prevent unfair Club hopping, as only one Club/Team change per year will be possible. This will always be implemented at the beginning of the new season with the first registered flight. Planned Club changes should therefore always be entered under "Contest registration update" at "Standard Club" in good time before the start of the new season. The new season always starts 11 days before the first Saturday in October, only 2021 is an exception: Club/Team membership for the 2021 season can still be changed until 31 March 2021.

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